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  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    How the Simple QR Code Became an Empowering Navigation Tool

    On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts  This episode’s big idea is navigation and how to implement a navigation solution that enables people with…

  • Blog

    Technology and Ophthalmologists with Dr. Cal Roberts

    VisionServe Alliance CEO Lee Nasehi sits down with Lighthouse Guild  President and CEO, Dr. Calvin W. Roberts to discuss our direction in technology and why is it important…

  • Blog

    Living with Vision Challenges During COVID-19

    Lighthouse Guild partnered with The Abyssinian Baptist Church Golden Life & the Abyssinian Health Ministries to present a virtual forum. Presentations include: Lighthouse Guild: What…

  • Blog

    Practical Tips about Dealing with Low Vision from Lighthouse Guild

    Low vision affects millions of Americans, including many older adults. Low vision can make it hard to do things like reading, shopping, cooking, or writing.…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Training the Brain: Sensory Substitution

    Today’s big idea centers on the place where big ideas get born — the human brain. In today’s episode, Dr. Roberts and his guests explore theories of brain plasticity, sensory substitution, and sensory augmentation.

  • Blog

    How to Prevent Vision Loss from Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, affecting over 3 million people in the United States alone. It is often called the…

  • Blog

    Technology Available for People With Vision Loss

    Posted by Calvin Roberts, MD, Lighthouse Guild for AbleNews Technology has transformed so many aspects of our world and for people with visual impairment technological…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Improving Visual Impairment with Technology

    On Tech & Vision Podcast with Dr. Cal Roberts This episode’s big idea is about using augmented reality, machine learning, and soon fifth generation (5G) connectivity…

  • Blog

    Vision for Life: A Virtual Forum Dealing with Vision Impairment During COVID-19

    A virtual forum on the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of people living with vision impairment and blindness, and ways in which Lighthouse Guild and the field, in general, has responded.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Extending Human Vision

    Today’s big idea is how the technology used in instruments that extend human vision to space is being relied on by vision technology developers in devices that help people with vision loss in everyday tasks here on Earth. Using substitute senses has allowed scientists across many fields to continue their work without the use of sight. The eSight is one such device that stimulates the remaining functioning vision to improve the quality of life for users. Dr. Roberts speaks with Charles Lim about the development of the device, the principles behind how it works, and the motivation for future improvements.

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