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Lighthouse Guild provides exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals.

  • Healthcare Services

    Learn how our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers can help meet your healthcare needs.

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  • Support Services

    With us, you’ll gain confidence, learn how to address challenges, and develop the necessary skills to live an independent life. The life you want is within your reach.

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  • Training Services

    We offer eLearning for professionals, educational resources for people affected by vision loss, and assistive technology training for blind and visually impaired people.

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Technology at Lighthouse Guild

At Lighthouse Guild, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals. Connecting individuals to technology to make their world easier to negotiate has always been one of our essential services.

  • Assistive Technology Training

    One of New York’s best assistive technology training programs for people with vision loss.

  • Technology Center

    The Center, which will occupy 11,000 square feet at Lighthouse Guild’s New York City headquarters, will offer a one-stop resource for vision care, rehabilitation, and technology training.

On Tech & Vision Podcast

Beyond Self Driving Cars: Technologies for Autonomous Human Navigation

December 10, 2021

Today’s big idea is about exciting and emerging technologies that facilitate autonomous navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Batman Technology: Using Sonar for Human Navigation

    Today’s big idea is Sonar and a somewhat similar technology called LiDAR! Can we use the latest sonar technology for obstacle detection the way bats and other nocturnal creatures do?…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    The Latest Frontier in Tactile Technologies

    Our sense of touch and the way in which we interpret the materials in our environment are fundamental to our experience of the world. This episode’s big idea is the new developments in tactile technologies.…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Improving Visual Impairment with Technology

    This episode’s big idea is about using augmented reality, machine learning, and soon fifth-generation (5G) connectivity to improve vision. …

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