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Lighthouse Guild provides exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals.

  • Healthcare Services

    Learn how our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers can help meet your healthcare needs.

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  • Support Services

    With us, you’ll gain confidence, learn how to address challenges, and develop the necessary skills to live an independent life. The life you want is within your reach.

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  • Training Services

    We offer eLearning for professionals, educational resources for people affected by vision loss, and assistive technology training for blind and visually impaired people.

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Technology at Lighthouse Guild

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Bryan Wolynski, shares some of the many tech solutions [ Watch Video ]

  • Technology Center

    The Center, which occupies 11,000 square feet at Lighthouse Guild’s New York City headquarters, offers a one-stop resource for vision care, rehabilitation, and technology training.

  • Assistive Technology Training

    One of New York’s best assistive technology training programs for people with vision loss.

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Bryan Wolynski, shares tech solutions

On Tech & Vision Podcast

Biosensors: The Future of Diagnostic Medicine

April 30, 2024

This episode is about how biosensor technology is revolutionizing the field of diagnostic and preventive medicine. Biosensors can take many forms – wearable, implantable, and even ingestible. And they can serve many different functions as well, most notably when it comes to detecting the various pressure levels in our bodies. 

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    Reimagining the Visual Arts

    Dr. Cal speaks with El-Deane Naude from Sony Electronics about the Retissa NeoViewer, a project developed with QD Laser that projects images taken on a camera directly onto the photographer’s retina. This technology allows people…

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    Innovation Process from Big Idea to Reality

    This podcast is about big ideas on how technology is making life better for people with vision loss.…

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    Robotic Guidance Technology

    Researchers are working on robotic technologies that can replicate many of the same functions of a guide dog. …

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