Lighthouse Guild’s programs, services, and educational resources are designed to help people who are visually impaired live independently. 

Whether you’re an individual with low vision, a practitioner who treats people with low vision, or a professional who creates communication materials for people with low vision, these videos will lead you to pertinent information.

Vision Friendly Environments for People with Vision Impairment

This 13-minute video presentation provides tips for creating an environment that is safe, easy to navigate, and welcoming for people with vision impairment.

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Positive man resting with hands behind head while leaning on cozy sofa.

Low Vision Care and Services: Vision Rehabilitation

This 13-minute video presentation describes vision rehabilitation services and illustrates the impact vision rehabilitation has in the lives of people with vision impairment. The low vision exam, assistive devices, rehabilitation for daily activities, orientation and mobility instruction, and behavioral health services are discussed.

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Dr. Zimmerman giving a patient and eye exam.

Common Vision Terminology

This 20-minute video presentation defines and discusses common vison-related terms that apply to how we see, how vision is assessed, eye professionals, and a variety of conditions that can affect vision.

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The human eye is an organ which reacts to light and pressure. As a sense organ, the mammalian eye allows vision. Human eyes help to provide a three dimensional, moving image, normally colored in daylight. Rod and cone cells in the retina allow conscious light perception and vision including color differentiation and the perception of depth

Guide Dogs for People with Vision Impairment

This 10-minute video presentation discusses the role of guide dogs in helping people with vision impairment to safely navigate their environment.

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Visual Impairment in Children

This 15-minute video presentation describes common causes of visual impairment in children and demonstrates how visual impairment can impact a child’s development, learning, daily activities and socialization.

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Vision Magnification and Enhancement Systems

This 9-minute video reviews a range of assistive technology for people with vision impairment.

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Common Causes of Vision Impairment

This 16-minute video presentation discusses vision-threatening eye diseases and conditions most common in adults, including their symptoms, causes and impact on vision. Approaches for avoiding preventable vision loss and maintaining good eye health are also provided.

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Providing Assistance to People who are Visually Impaired

This 11-minute video presentation identifies situations where a person who is visually impaired may want assistance from another person, demonstrates the proper way to offer assistance to and walk with a person with vision impairment, and describes strategies for effective communication, including descriptive talking.

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A senior with white cane using Orcam device to navigate the street, waking with a companion.

Low Vision Spectacles

Low vision spectacles are high plus aids used in conjunction with the patients’ distance prescription.

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A variety of magnifiers