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  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Smart Cities and Autonomous Driving: How Technology is Providing Greater Freedom of Movement for People with Vision Loss

    Advances in technology are giving people more freedom of movement than ever before, allowing them to get where they want, when they want, safely. 

  • Blog

    Eye Health Tips

    May is Healthy Vision Month, but taking care of your eyes should be a health priority year-round, like eating a balanced diet and being physically active.

  • Tech Talk

    RealSAM Pocket Voice Activated Smartphone

    May 16, 2023 RealSAM Pocket by RealThing Ai is the first of its kind voice-operated smartphone. Pocket has been designed as an alternative for those users who are not able to use iPhone and conventional Android phones successfully because they may be too difficult to use.

  • Blog

    Assistive Navigation Technologies

    Safely navigatinga new environment, both indoors and outdoors, can be a challenge for people who are blind or visually impaired. Orientation and mobility training is necessary to ensure independent and safe travel, as is the importance of using a white cane or a guide dog. While not meant to replace them, some technologies can help with navigation and are available at Lighthouse Guild.  

  • Tech Talk

    Introduction to iPhone Accessibility (Part 2)

    March 21, 2023 Lighthouse Guild’s Tech experts discuss the basic accessibility features and how to access them on your device.

  • Tech Talk

    All About Alexa

    April 18, 2023 Lighthouse Guild’s Tech experts discuss Amazon Alexa Products.

  • Blog

    Assistive Technology for Musicians with Vision Impairment Video

    This 15-minute video presentation explores how technology is giving musicians with vision impairment better access to music and putting them on a more equal footing with sighted musicians. A range of assistive technologies that can help people with vision impairment to read, write, and play music are demonstrated.

  • Blog

    Mental Health Awareness Can Help with Vision Loss

    Mental health awareness and management are vital to a healthy lifestyle and influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some people who experience vision loss later in life are more vulnerable to mental health struggles but are unaware of them.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Leveling Up Accessible Video Game Features: How New Technology is Making Gaming More Immersive and Inclusive for People with Vision Loss

    For decades, people with vision loss had limited options when it came to accessing video games. Aside from screen magnification and text-to-voice tools, gamers who are blind or visually impaired didn’t have many ways to play their favorite titles. But in recent years, the same cutting-edge technology used to create games has been used to also make them more accessible for people with vision impairment.

  • Blog

    What is Chat GPT?

    And What Does It Have to Do with Assistive Technology? Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and was developed by an AI research…

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