Learn basic computer and adaptive technology skills for work, school, and life.

One of New York’s best assistive technology training programs for people with vision loss

Learn how to use the latest smart features for handheld devices, specialized computer programs, or other assistive technology—whether it’s for school, work, or everyday life. 

While you’re here, take advantage of our on-site technology testing and discover cutting-edge innovations for people who are visually impaired.

Our services include:

  • Introduction to new features on personal devices you may already own
  • Instruction on PCs and laptops
  • Beta testing for new technologies
  • Evaluation and training on adaptive equipment
  • Worksite evaluation and technical assistance
  • Employer and teacher instruction

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We guide teachers and employers on making accommodations for people who are visually impaired in the classroom and workplace.

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Man using Navilens app to identify entrance - closeup

Our tools include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Adaptive software
  • Mainstream software
  • Scanners for audio and visual feedback
  • Printers/embossers that produce large print and Braille
  • Braille displays
  • Video magnifier (CCTV): handheld and freestanding
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Digital audio devices to record lectures and meetings

Employer consultations

Advances in technology continue to expand opportunities in the workforce for people with vision loss. By consulting with your employer, we can ensure that your work environment and technology accommodate your needs. 

We help with:

  • Assessment of your work environment
  • Consultation for worksite accommodations
  • Support to help you retain your job
  • Installation of and/or employer training for adaptive hardware and software

Without technology, I’d be slowly sinking into depression.

Edythe, client
Edythe, client

Communicate better

Interacting with your colleagues at work is essential for success. That’s why we offer training in communication tools to connect with your colleagues. Learn how to:

  • Take notes
  • Access email and the internet
  • Use word processing, spreadsheets, and database systems
  • Use text-to-speech and/or magnification software