Lighthouse Guild’s Reading Services Make Life Easier … And They’re Free!

If Vision Loss Makes Reading Difficult, We Can Help!

Lighthouse Guild has been helping people overcome the challenges of vision loss for 105 years. Not being able to read can be one of the most frustrating challenges. That’s why our signature Reading Services are so popular.

My reader helps me navigate my mail and bills, as well as websites and complex business documents.

Lighthouse Guild client

Our volunteers can read a wide variety of personal, academic and professional material to you — in print and online.

We’ll match you with volunteers best suited to meet your individual needs. Our readers are available once per week for two-hour intervals on site at our headquarters Monday through Friday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. There is limited access to off-site reading at this time.

My wonderful readers help me organize my paper world — and life. They keep me current and help me manage my personal affairs in a timely manner.

Lighthouse Guild client

For more information, call 646-874-8683 or email