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  • Tele-Support Talks

    Safety and Self-Defense for People Living with Vision Loss

    Sensei Devin Fernandez will share self-defense tips and strategies that can help those with vision loss stay safe at home or in their community.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Life’s Not Over It Just Looks Different

    Public speaker and author Christopher Gordon shares the powerful insight that inspired him to continue living his life to the fullest despite sudden vision loss.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Envision Your Future with the College Success Program

    Envision’s College Success Program is an all-virtual, holistic support system that helps guide students as they transition from high school to college. Hear firsthand from mentors and mentees as they share out personal insights and successes.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Developing Self Advocacy Skills

    One of the most important skills children with visual impairments can learn is the ability to advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy includes speaking up for themselves and making decisions to help attain their goals. During this discussion, Dr. Joy Harris will provide tips and strategies for parents to help build the skills and confidence your child needs to be an effective self-advocate.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    A Very Special Toy Box: How to Find (& Make!) Developmental Toys & Activities for Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

    Learn how to find the best toys for your child’s needs, including what to look for in off-the-shelf toys and how to adapt or make your own toys so they are appropriate for your child.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration for Visual Impairment

    Join Dr. Vidya Pingale for a discussion about the impact of visual impairment on sensory integration, treatment strategies, and techniques to incorporate at home.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Exploring College Readiness

    Leslie Thatcher and Kate Katulak, from the College Success@Perkins program at Perkins School for the Blind, will explore what college readiness in 2021 means, and how to explore supporting your students to be prepared to the best of their abilities.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Building Resilience in Children and Teens

    Join us for a discussion about the psychological underpinning of resilience and learn some strategies for optimizing it in the home.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    Empowering Parents

    During this presentation, we will discuss the difficult task that parents have of meeting the needs of a child with visual impairment while taking care of themselves.

  • Tele-Support Talks

    A Shot in the Dark

    In this presentation we meet Anthony Ferraro, a Paralympic wrestler and a judo master who is blind. He shares with us his story, struggles, and successes.

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