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RealSAM Pocket Voice Activated Smartphone

Originally presented May 16, 2023
by Dr. Bryan Wolynski, Chief Technology Officer at Lighthouse Guild

Dr. Bryan Wolynski introduces Voice Activated Smartphone technology and discusses the future of this technology and how it will play a more prominent role in the future as natural language processing improves.

RealSAM Pocket by RealThing Ai is the first of its kind voice-operated smartphone. Pocket has been designed as an alternative for those users who are not able to use iPhone and conventional Android phones successfully because they may be too difficult to use.

With Pocket, a user simply taps on the phone and tells the phone what they want it to do, such as “call my daughter,” “read me a book about the sea,” “add a contact,” “remind me to turn off the oven in 20 min,” “call Be My Eyes,” etc.

Pocket is powered by RealThing Ai’s cutting edge Conversational AI engine, called the RealDialog. It is the world leading conversational AI for powerful and complex voice-based conversations. RealThing Ai has been selected as a partner by organizations such as the Library of Congress in the US, the Royal National Institute of the Blind in the UK and O2/Virgin Media.

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