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Tech Talk: Accessible Book Reading Platforms

Originally presented July 18, 2023
by Dr. Bryan Wolynski, Chief Technology Officer at Lighthouse Guild

Lighthouse Guild’s tech experts discuss different book reading platforms such as Audible, the Kindle e-reader, Bookshare and BARD.

Joining the discussion is Shanell Matos, avid book reader with experience using these platforms. We will be talking about each platform, how to access them and take questions.

Shanell Matos is a dedicated Receptionist and Administrative Assistant at the Lighthouse Guild Stephen T. Perlman Volunteer Center. She also serves as a technology assistant for the Lighthouse Guild Technology Center, leveraging her expertise, education, and passion for assistive technology from her own first-hand experience with vision loss. Her exceptional skills with technology and ambition have assisted with her career goals and access to the things she loves, such as baking, gaming, and reading. Shanell is a proud mom of a 8-year-old daughter while making time for family and her career.

Dr. Bryan Wolynski is the Chief Technology Officer at Lighthouse Guild. He is an optometrist with over 35 years of experience in the eye care field, including extensive work with assistive technology in vision rehabilitation. Dr. Wolynski has been published, appeared as an expert in media, and has spoken on assistive technology and vision throughout the United States, internationally, and the United Nations. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and board member for the New York State Optometric Association.

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