To help students who are visually impaired fulfill their aspirations of a higher education (college, graduate school or higher). Among each year’s undergraduate and graduate student scholarship recipients, one student who embodies Dr. Neil Patel’s legacy of hard work, honor, and dedication to supporting the under-served population will be selected. 


To be considered, undergraduate and graduate scholarship applicants:

  • must be legally blind 
  • must show proof of academic achievement 
  • must show commitment to serve under-resourced communities 
  • demonstrate leadership abilities
  • must submit an additional one-page (250 words, double-spaced), essay highlighting their ongoing commitment to serving under-resourced communities.

About Dr. Neil S. Patel

Dr. Neil S. Patel
Dr. Neil S. Patel

A true servant leader and world-class surgeon, Dr. Patel worked tirelessly in pursuit of his vision: to meet the needs of New York City’s under-served populations with honor and integrity, while simultaneously innovating the patient experience.

Beginning in the Bronx, Dr. Patel assembled a team of world-class providers and medical staff, who went on to rapidly expand the model into New York’s largest network of high-volume ophthalmology practices. Together, they manage the most complex of clinical cases while remaining steadfast in providing efficient, patient-centered care.

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