Virtual Summer School Tips

Some children will attend virtual summer school. Just like the regular school year, the same guidelines apply: keep a consistent schedule and routine.

Here are a few additional suggestions to help keep virtual learning going smoothly:

  • Do what’s best for you and your children.
  • Keep in mind that children learn and attend at different rates.
  • Ideally, the day should include short blocks of focused schoolwork interrupted by snack and meal breaks, movement or exercise, or other activity that could fit into a break.
  • Learning blocks can be short. The Illinois State Board of Education published remote learning recommendations that advised parents to aim for focused learning blocks of 3-10 minutes for young children; 10-15 minutes for older children and 30 minutes for grades 6-12.
  • Define a consistent space for schoolwork, especially for students with cognitive disabilities. Some suggestions are: marking a section of the table with tape or textured material; placing work or activity on a tray, cookie sheet, or placemat.
  • A piece of carpet on the floor can mark a place to sit and do physical therapy.
  • Help your child organize his work materials in bright colored or textured bins or containers.