Now More than Ever: Tele-Support Groups

Lighthouse Guild has a long experience of offering tele-support, even before the current pandemic underscored the necessity of tele-support over face-to-face meetings. Our Adult Tele-Support Program gives participants the opportunity to talk to other adults facing similar challenges. Overcoming the isolation that comes with thinking you’re the only one who has vision loss and the difficulties that come with it, is at the heart of our tele-support services, which are led by licensed professionals.

picture of participant Suvro Banerjee
Suvro Banerjee

Suvro Banerjee, CPA, had a satisfying job as an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Borough of Manhattan Community College. That was before his vision deteriorated as a result of a hit-and-run accident that damaged his retina, which was already affected by myopathy.  Certified as legally blind at the end of 2019 and now on disability, he found Lighthouse Guild’s Adult Tele-Support Program a life saver. It allows him to connect with other people with vision loss to whom he does not have to explain the difficulties of living with loss of vision.

Mr. Banerjee says that, “The dread and isolation experienced by those with vision loss can be as debilitating as its physical symptoms. Lighthouse Guild combats these issues effectively by creating an infrastructure of support and guidance. One of the most effective tools in their repertoire is tele-support services. By allowing us to speak with our peers in the privacy of our own homes Lighthouse Guild brings their caring to us where we need it the most especially during these trying times. It is by far one of the greatest aids they are giving us to successfully deal with not only our vision loss but also with the tumultuous issues affecting the world at large.”

He compliments the Adult Tele-Support Program on its support during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Had I not begun my relationship with Lighthouse Guild, I would have been devastated by COVID-19. I am dealing with it better because of Lighthouse Guild.” He adds that, “It’s also important to know that people with disabilities can lead productive lives, something that you might forget when you feel initially isolated by vision loss. Participation in a support group reminds you that this is possible.”

Led by licensed professionals, our Tele-Support Program connects participants with peers in similar circumstances, offering helpful resources, information and tools as well as help with developing strategies to make the most of opportunities. We offer participants — from 38 states — support on how to cope with COVID-19 and give them the necessary encouragement to find solutions to vision-related challenges.

Learn about Lighthouse Guild’s tele-support offerings for people of all ages with vision loss and their caregivers.