Radio stars: A school for the visually impaired is innovating on the airwaves

March 29, 2016

Posted by Metro New York

Students who can’t experience movies or TV visually try their hand at aural storytelling.

The Golden Age of radio is long gone. Today, the once-innovative medium is generally talked about in past tense, and  tinged with sepia-toned nostalgia.

But there’s something timeless about the way Orson Welles’ delivery of “The War of the Worlds” ignited fear in an entire nation, or the way Edward R. Murrow’s resonant voice made listeners feel as if they were on the front lines of faraway battlefields. It’s the way aural storytelling triggers the imagination — the use of rhythm, tone and sound effects to communicate emotion and images — that a captivating new radio theater program at the Lighthouse Guild’s Heilbrunn School for the blind and visually impaired is capitalizing on.

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