Lighthouse Guild’s “An Evening of Discovery”

October 26, 2021

Posted by New York Social Diary

The historic Explorers Club was the setting for Lighthouse Guild’s “An Evening of Discovery” cocktail party where 120 guests enjoyed the unique ambiance of the old mansion and use of its beautiful terrace.

Paul Misiti and Peter Slatin.

The program began with the club’s Executive Director Will Roseman, who welcomed everyone and reflected upon the parallel between the mantra of discovery and exploration of their members and Lighthouse Guild’s innovative technology initiatives, including a state-of-the-art Tech Center.

James Dubin, Lighthouse Guild Board Chairman, and CEO and President Dr. Calvin Roberts expanded on how cutting-edge technology and Lighthouse Guild expert training ensure individuals who are blind or visually impaired can live independently and productively.

Daria Zawadzki, Lighthouse Guild client and facilitator of its tele-support program motivated the crowd with her compelling story of overcoming her vision loss, which began when she was 17, through Lighthouse Guild’s support and technology.

The event and auction raised over $200,000. Guests included Jennifer Fischer, Marc Rosen, Susan Gutfreund, Carole Delouvrier, Jackie Weld, Tom Quick and Michael Donnell, Arthur and Roberta Houghton, Christopher Noto, Gale Hayman, Terence Mack, Tina Beriro, Margo Langenberg, Judith Hernstadt, Dudley Stevens, Jeanne Lawrence, Mai Hallingby, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Cornelia Bregman, Sharon Bush and Robert Murray, Glenn Sblendorio, Vanessa Noel, Peter Bacanovic, Geraldine Griffin, Jean Shafiroff, Charles Mirotznik, Tina Louise, Jeff Sado; along with Lighthouse Guild board members Thomas Kahn, Marios Damianides, Dr. Christopher Starr, Shelley Zacharia Brier and Ann Thivierge.