Lighthouse Guild Sterling Reception at The Silver Fund

March 12, 2019

The Silver Fund on Worth Avenue hosted a cocktail reception in anticipation of the Lighthouse Guilds annual dinner dance. Supporters were celebrated, with many thanks coming from the chairs of the event. The night was the perfect catalyst for the events to come.

Julie Hayek and Gregory Speck
A guitarist captured the attention of guests by playing melodic sounds.
“My dad had Glaucoma from a young age. It makes one realize that sight is so important. The Silver Fund is always so generous to offer its space for the Lighthouse Guild’s kickoffs — and it’s wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful things.” -Beth Dewoody, Guest, Lighthouse Guild Sterling reception at The Silver Fund
Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas
David and Jennifer Fischer with Wally and Betsy Turner
Mark Rosen made a speech on the stairs
Amy Hoadley and Diane de la Bergassiere
Mary Quick, Tom Quick, and Grace Meigher