Lighthouse Guild holds tea to prepare for dinner dance

December 26, 2017

Posted by Palm Beach Daily News

The chairmen and committee members of the Lighthouse Guild’s upcoming 2018 Visionary Evening Dinner Dance were honored Tuesday at a holiday tea.

The tea was hosted by Nancy Paul at Club Colette.

Mark G. Ackermann, Lighthouse Guild’s executive vice president and chief operating officer announced that longtime committee member Grace Meigher will be honored along with her daughters, Elizabeth Meigher and Amanda Mariner, at the annual Feb. 22 dance at Club Colete. Junior Chairman Wyatt Koch also will be honored that night with Lighthouse Guild’s Inaugural Young Visionary Award.

The Lighthouse Guild will mark its 10th anniversary in Palm Beach at the upcoming dance. Co-chairmen of the 2018 Visionary Evening are Tom Quick, Frannie Scaife, Grace Meigher, Kit Pannill and Talbot Maxey.

Attending the tea were Carla Mann, Frannie Scaife, Arlene Dahl, Wyatt Koch, Christine Schott, Marc Rosen, Stephen DeAngelis, Talbot Maxey, Catherine Saxson, Kathy Bleznak, Susie Elson, Emmy Wolbach Sheerer, Mona de Sayve, Randee Bank, Kate Waterhouse and Kystian Von Speidel.

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