Lighthouse Guild eLearning Program for Optometrists Free Through March

March 5, 2020

Posted by Invision

Lighthouse Guild is offering a self-paced, two-hour, interactive eLearning program for optometrists titled, “Incorporating Vision Rehabilitation into Optometric Care.” The program provides an understanding of low vision and vision rehabilitation enabling optometrists to identify patients with low vision, incorporate basic low vision care into their practice and make referrals for vision rehabilitation to help their patients remain safe and active.

Laura Sperazza, OD, director of low vision services at Lighthouse Guild, says, “As vital members of the care team for patients with vision loss, optometrists are key to managing and addressing ocular health and vision function, including providing or referring patients to vision rehabilitation services.”

Designed for optometrists, optometry students and residents, the program is divided into nine modules:

  • Vision Loss: Key Terms
  • Causes and Impact of Vision Loss
  • Talking with Patients about Vision Loss
  • Vision Rehabilitation
  • Low Vision Evaluation
  • Driving
  • Optics of Low Vision Devices
  • Low Vision Devices
  • Rehabilitation for Daily Activities

At the end of the program, participants will be able to recognize the impact of vision loss on their patients, describe the process and components of vision rehabilitation, incorporate a basic low vision evaluation and selection of devices into practice, identify interventions that improve daily activities for patients, and learn how to communicate effectively with patients and families about options to address the effects of vision loss.

Continuing Education Credits
COPE approved, #116968, 2 credits.


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