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Healthcare Provider Offers Information on Glaucoma

August 6, 2018

Early Detection of Glaucoma Is Crucial

GuildNet, a health plan specializing in providing community-based coordinated care, has important information regarding glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness. GuildNet is a program of Lighthouse Guild and works closely with Lighthouse Guild Health Services to offer comprehensive eye exams and treatment for glaucoma and other eye diseases. 

GuildNet and Lighthouse Guild offer the following information:

Get a Yearly Eye Exam

Early detection and treatment of glaucoma are crucial. Comprehensive dilated eye exams can help detect glaucoma in its early stages, possibly preventing it from causing further harm and loss of vision. If glaucoma is diagnosed, your eye doctor may prescribe medicated eye drops, conventional or laser surgery or a combination of both. 

Dr. Laura Sperazza, Director of Low Vision Services at GuildNet and Lighthouse Guild, says, “The only way glaucoma and other eye diseases can be detected early is through an eye examination. Even if you don’t notice changes in your vision, yearly exams should be a priority.”

Warning Signs

There are often no warning signs about glaucoma. As the disease progresses symptoms may include:

  • Subtle loss of contrast – the ability to distinguish objects from their background. Diminished contrast sensitivity may affect your ability to detect curbs or steps.
  • Difficulty driving at night.
  • Progressive loss of peripheral vision increases risk when crossing streets, if moving vehicles are outside your line of vision and may also cause falls.

Are You At Risk

Anyone can develop glaucoma, but you are at greater risk if you are over 40 years old or if you are of African, Hispanic or Asian heritage. Diabetes, high blood pressure and a family history of glaucoma are also risk factors

GET AN EYE EXAM – it is the most important thing you can do to reduce risk of vision loss from glaucoma.

Bryan Dotson, Manners Dotson Group

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