Great Leaders and Grand Visions

June 7, 2023

Posted by New York Social Diary

Jennifer Fischer, Lighthouse Guild’s Ambassador at Large, hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the supportive friends of the organization at the Fischer’s Fifth Avenue apartment. The event’s purpose was to raise awareness for vision health and vision impairment.

Jennifer and her husband Ambassador David Fischer were the honorees at Lighthouse Guild’s Palm Beach event in 2022. Jennifer welcomed the group and extolled the importance of the organization’s mission. She introduced Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, Lighthouse Guild’s CEO and President, who spoke to the power of assistive technology and expert training to equip people who are visually impaired with the tools they need to achieve independence, educational success, and career goals.

Dr. Cal Roberts, Jennifer Fischer, and Marc Rosen.

Dr. Roberts introduced Lauren Oplinger, who talked about her own experience with Lighthouse Guild and its impact on her journey after becoming legally blind in her 20s and continuing a career in finance.

The guests included Carole Delouvrier, Linda Filardi and Gary Talarico, Susan Gutfreund, Judith Hernstadt, Elizabeth Kabler and Peter Psaris, Margo Langenberg, Lauren Oplinger and James Duffy, Lighthouse Guild CEO Dr. Calvin Roberts and his wife Andrea, Marc Rosen, Roberta Sandeman, Denise Schwartz, Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas, Dudley Stevens, Shining Sung, Andrea Utecht, Saundra Whitney, and Victoria Wyman.

L. to r.: Carole Delouvrier and Saundra Whitney; Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas.
Andrea Roberts, Brian Dever, and Keana Glanton.
L. to r.: Poorvi Goel and Andrea Utecht; Roberta Houghton and Margo Langenberg.
L. to r.: James Duffy and Lauren Oplinger; Elizabeth Kabler and and Peter Psaris.
Susan Gutfreund, Marc Rosen, and Jennifer Fischer.
L. to r.: Victoria Wyman and Marc Rosen; Denise Schwartz, Gary Talarico, and Linda Filardi.

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