Dr. Cal Roberts talks about Lighthouse Guild’s FREE Virtual Vision Forum

February 24, 2021

Posted by WFLX Fox News

From 7:41:57 – 7:42:52

If you’re sitting in front of a computer screen more than ever. That’s just one of many new devices designed to help tired eyes. ophthalmologist Dr. Calvin Roberts says apps that can read to you are also a plus the Lighthouse Guild has a special free forum to talk about vision health and ways to improve your quality of life if you’re vision isn’t perfect anymore. New innovations in the treatment and care of some of the most severe eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. To have the potential to not only prevent vision loss but in some cases to actually reverse it. To actually restore some of the vision in these people. The forum is this Wednesday at 4 pm. You can sign up online now at

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