Congratulations on joining Team #NoLimits for an unforgettable and meaningful 2024 TD Five Boro Bike Tour!  Now that you have completed Steps 1 and 2 in the registration process, it is time to set up your fundraising page on

  1. Visit our Fundraiser and Get Started
    Go to Lighthouse Guild and the Foreseeable Future Foundations’ main fundraising page at 

    Click on the orange “Start Fundraising” button.  You’ll be directed to a page where you can create your own unique fundraising page including your profile.
  2. Login or Sign Up
    If you already have an account with JustGiving, please login. For new users, select  the “Sign Up” option.  Use your current email or Facebook credentials to create a login.
  3. Answer the JustGiving Setup Questions
    – Select whether you are fundraising in memory of someone.
    – Are you taking part in an activity? Select “I’m taking part in an activity”
    – Tell us more about your event: Select “Create Your Own Activity” at the bottom of the options and fill in the information as follows:
    • Type of Activity: Personal Cycle
    • Activity Details: 2024 TD Five Boro Bike Tour
    • Date of Activity: Sunday May 5, 2024
  4. Fundraising Time!
    The next page is really important — it is your fundraising goal!  Each solo rider or tandem bike duo has a financial commitment of $1,500 per bike.  Set your goal to engage and encourage your community to help you achieve your goal and exceed your own expectations.
  5. Share Your Story
    Team #NoLimits has created a basic template detailing our partnership and overall mission.  But you should feel free to get creative and share your personal story for supporting this fundraiser.  Be sure to connect how donations can impact the community of people who are blind or visually impaired to your reflection. 

    You can also personalize your page’s URL to reflect your name, riding theme or riding goal (i.e., Jane-Doe-Riding-For-Dough).  You will be given a preview of your unique link.

    You can add a banner photo or video that supporters can view on your donation page.  The default picture is of Lighthouse Guild’s 2023 bike tour team at the start line. 
  6. Off to the Races!
    You are at the registration finish line!  Agree to the mail preference that best suits you and publish your page! 

Now you can share your link with your networks in a safe and easy method.  Get your fundraising wheels in motion!

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