Halloween Eye Safety

Halloween can be a fun and festive holiday. Still, it’s also important to prioritize eye safety, especially if you or your children are wearing costumes that involve masks, makeup, or accessories that could potentially harm your eyes. Here are some Halloween eye safety tips:

Choose safe costumes and accessories:

  • Ensure costumes and masks fit properly and don’t obstruct your vision.
  • Opt for costumes with flame-resistant materials to reduce fire hazards.

Never buy non-prescription colored contact lenses:

  • Non-prescription (decorative) contact lenses can cause eye injuries, infections, and vision problems. Only wear contact lenses prescribed by an eye care professional. Learn more about decorative contacts.

Use hypoallergenic makeup:

  • Test makeup on a small area of skin before applying it to your face to check for allergic reactions.
  • Avoid getting makeup in your eyes, and remove it properly using makeup remover.

Be cautious with masks:

  • Make sure the eye holes in masks allow for clear and unobstructed vision.
  • If your mask has small openings, use makeup or face paint instead to avoid potential vision impairment.

Choose safe accessories:

  • Be careful with costume props and accessories with sharp edges or pointed ends that could pose a risk to your eyes.

Use LED lights or glow sticks:

  • Replace candles with LED lights or glow sticks in your Halloween decorations to reduce the risk of fire and eye injuries.

Stay well-lit:

  • When trick-or-treating at night, carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing to increase visibility for drivers.

Supervise children:

  • Keep an eye on children to ensure they’re using their costumes and accessories safely.
  • Instruct them not to touch their eyes when wearing makeup or masks.

Stay hydrated:

  • Dry eyes can be exacerbated by wearing costumes or makeup. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, which can help keep your eyes comfortable.

Be prepared:

  • Carry eye drops or artificial tears in case your eyes become dry or irritated.

If you experience any eye discomfort, redness, irritation, or vision problems, remove your costume or accessories immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Prioritizing eye safety can help ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween for everyone.

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