Lighthouse Guild’s A Visionary Evening

Club Colette - 215 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach

February 20, 2022

Honoring the Honorable David Fischer and Jennifer Fischer

Our Lighthouse Guild Palm Beach Dinner salutes individuals whose vision and philanthropic spirit transform lives.

Table Levels

$50,000 — Two Visionary Tables seating 12 — includes full-page Platinum ad in dinner program

$25,000 — One Luminary Table seating 12 — includes full-page Gold ad in dinner program

$15,000 — One Beacon Table seating 10 — includes full-page Silver ad in dinner program

$10,000 — One Spotlight Table seating 10 — includes full-page color ad in dinner program

Ticket Levels

$5,000 — Visionary Ticket

$2,500 — Luminary Ticket

$1,000 — Sponsor Ticket

Palm Beach Dinner Program Ad Levels

$5,000 — Platinum Ad

$4,000 — Gold Ad

$2,500 — Silver Ad

$1,000 — Half-page Ad

For inclusion in the dinner program, reservations and ad copy must be received by Monday, February 7, 2022. All contributors over $1,000 will be listed. Ad sizes: 5” wide by 8” high, full-page or 5” wide by 4” high, half-page. Adobe Acrobat files should be press quality with logos embedded; Photoshop image resolution must be set at 300 dpi.

To purchase ticket(s), table(s) or make a contribution, call 646-874-8445 or

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Lighthouse Guild is dedicated to providing exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals.