Lighthouse Guild volunteer Herbert Biern is a successful lawyer who has practiced in New York and Washington, DC—and given back to his communities along the way. 

Herbert’s first memories of being involved with Lighthouse Guild extend to his childhood in Westchester, New York. Instead of collecting candy on Halloween, Herbert would trick or treat to ask his neighbors for donations to Lighthouse Guild!

In 2005, Herbert became involved with a New York City charity, the Achilles Organization. Through the Achilles Organization, Herbert met a Lighthouse Guild client who he became a reader for—and soon, he found himself full circle, volunteering for Lighthouse Guild.

Later, Herbert became a reader for yet another Lighthouse Guild client. He said his favorite activity he shared with this client was reading The New Yorker, including the cartoons. He would meticulously describe the illustrations and then read the captions. Herbet says he got quite good at descriptive illustration.

Recently, Herbert suffered a stroke and his clients now visit his apartment to listen to him read. Yet, little else has changed in Herbert’s charity to people who are visually impaired.

With volunteers like Herbert, it’s hard not to feel optimistic.

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