Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study is to learn about different smart glasses for people with vision loss. We will evaluate whether these glasses help you better perform tasks that you have difficulty with because of your vision. We will also ask your opinion about how easy the glasses are to use and whether you think that it would add to the quality of your life. You will receive clear instructions on how to use these glasses and will perform specific tasks while doing so.

Eligibility: You will be eligible to participate only if you need a magnifier to read text.  

Duration: Participation involves five visits to the Lighthouse Technology Center, with one week in between each visit. Each visit will take about two hours.

Procedures: During each visit you will have the opportunity to use new technology, talk about your experiences and contribute to research that can influence services for people with vision loss.

Compensation: You will receive $25.00 after each visit and a bonus of $75.00 after you complete all five visits, in appreciation of the time you devoted to these interviews.

Are you interested in participating? Please contact Lighthouse Guild’s Director of Research Operations, Fernanda Garcia-Piña, at 212-769-7833 or submit a request online.

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