The Youth Skills Program provides social and recreational services to legally blind children ages 6 to 13 to help them build self-confidence. During the school year (October through May), students gather each month to participate in enriching social and recreational activities, including:

  • Drama, which promotes social integration and teamwork
  • Physical education and yoga, which enhance strength and balance
  • Technology to help students fully access their world through both assistive and mainstream tech tools
  • Arts and crafts, which foster self-expression and creativity
  • Community field trips to the park, museums, and local businesses

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The people here are really nice. Whether it’s kids or teachers, they make it really easy to talk to anyone. There are a lot of classes here that I truly believe will help people.

Elijah, student
Elijah, student

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Land a job and thrive

Finding a job — especially your first — is challenging. If you are blind or have vision loss, there’s
added complexities to consider. That’s why we offer job services that prepare you to land a job and
thrive at work.

  • Job searches: get help with resume development, interview strategies, job placement, and new-job transitions.
  • Pre-employment training: take our four-week immersive course on personal branding to market your talents to future employers
  • Internships: participate in a three-month trial of a job, including on-the-job training
  • Support services: from an on-site evaluation of your current position to recommendations for accommodations, we help you function at your best and retain your job.

Did you know?

We work with employers to help them integrate and accommodate people with vision impairment into their workforces.