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  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Tools for Success: Tech Convergence and Co-Designed Products Close Gaps for Children Who are Blind

    People who are blind or visually impaired know all too well the challenges of living in a sighted world. But today, the capabilities of computer vision and other tech are converging with the needs of people who are blind and low vision and may help level the playing field for young people with all different sensory abilities.

  • The Switch to Microsoft Edge 

    Starting June 15, 2022, the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported on Microsoft Windows 10 and older operating systems. Internet Explorer users are encouraged to…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Innovations in Intraocular Pressure and Closed Loop Drug Delivery Systems

    Max Ostermeier, CEO and Founder of Implandata Ophthalmic Products out of Hannover Germany, has reimagined the remote management and care of patients with glaucoma. Max and his team developed the EyeMate system, a microscopic implantable device and micro sensor that measures intraocular pressure throughout the day.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Restoring Vision: Code Breaking and Optogenetics

    Until recently, no one knew the code the retina used to communicate with the brain to create sight. Our guest Dr. Sheila Nirenberg, a neuroscientist at Weill Cornell, and Principal and Founder of Bionic Sight has — using input-output mapping — cracked the retina’s neural code, enabling her to recreate the electric signals to the brain that could restore sight in people with retinal degeneration.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Seeing with Sound: Using Audio to Activate the Brain’s Visual Cortex

    In this episode, we’ll explore how, through sensory substitution, audio feedback can, in some cases, stimulate a user’s visual cortex, allowing a user to — without sight — achieve something close to visual perception.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Beyond Self Driving Cars: Technologies for Autonomous Human Navigation

    Today’s big idea is about exciting and emerging technologies that facilitate autonomous navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired.

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Batman Technology: Using Sonar for Human Navigation

    Today’s big idea is Sonar and a somewhat similar technology called LiDAR! Can we use the latest sonar technology for obstacle detection the way bats and other nocturnal creatures do?

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    The Latest Frontier in Tactile Technologies

    Our sense of touch and the way in which we interpret the materials in our environment are fundamental to our experience of the world. This episode’s big idea is the new developments in tactile technologies.

  • Blog

    NaviLens Wayfinding at Lighthouse Guild

    Dr. Calvin Roberts demonstrates NaviLens which is an advanced and enhanced form of QR bar code scanning via the use of color-coded QR codes and a smart…

  • On Tech & Vision Podcast

    Improving Visual Impairment with Technology

    This episode’s big idea is about using augmented reality, machine learning, and soon fifth-generation (5G) connectivity to improve vision.

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