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  • Executive Management

    Nicole Hart

    Nicole Hart joined Lighthouse Guild in 2022. Ms. Hart is responsible for coordinating the legal, compliance and regulatory activities of the organization and its affiliates.…

  • Executive Management

    Bryan Wolynski, OD, FAAO

    Bryan Wolynski, OD, FAAO, joins  Lighthouse Guild as Chief Technology Officer. He brings 35 years of experience in the eye care field, including his extensive…

  • Executive Management

    Lauren Doody

    Lauren Doody joined Lighthouse Guild in 2014. With over 29 years of experience in financial management, implementing sound accounting practices, and high financial standards, she…

  • Executive Management

    Jaine Schmidt

    Jaine Schmidt is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Lighthouse Guild and is responsible for marketing programs and services, brand management, public relations, and accessible…

  • Executive Management

    William H. Seiple, PhD

    William H. Seiple, PhD, is Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Guild; Research Professor of Ophthalmology at NYU School of Medicine; Adjunct Faculty, Aging in Vision…

  • Executive Management

    Cheryl A. Pemberton-Graves, MPA

    Cheryl A. Pemberton-Graves joined Lighthouse Guild in 2007. She is responsible for the Volunteer Resources Department and all its initiatives in support of the organization. Her diverse…

  • Executive Management

    Brian Dever

    Brian Dever joined Lighthouse Guild in October 2020, as the Chief Development Officer. Mr. Dever brings over 20 years of nonprofit leadership and development experience…

  • Executive Management

    Maura J. Sweeney

    Maura J. Sweeney joined Lighthouse Guild in 2010. Ms. Sweeney brings 25 years of progressive leadership experience in healthcare to our organization. She started her…

  • Executive Management

    Himanshu R. Shah

    Himanshu R. Shah joined Lighthouse Guild in 2017 to provide leadership and business management in the areas of accounting, planning, financial and other audits, cost…

  • Executive Management

    Paul D. Misiti

    Paul Misiti joined Lighthouse Guild in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Misiti brings 28 years of progressive leadership experience in eye health, including finance,…

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