Lighthouse Has Back-to-School Tips

September 3, 2021

Posted by Able News

COVID-19 continues to pose challenges for many parents and students. But whether children are going back to school in a physical classroom or remotely at home, it is important to make sure they get their vision checked. Lighthouse Guild points out that vision is one of the keys to success in school and encourages parents to make sure their children get regular vision screenings.  

Lighthouse Guild offers five healthy vision tips to help safeguard children’s eye health.

Eating Carrots: The old saying still applies. Encourage children to eat a well-balanced diet loaded with different types of fruits and veggies as well as fish.

Speaking Up: Children should let parents know if they notice any vision changes. Examples would be blurry vision, frequent squinting, or general eye discomfort.

Wearing Glasses: Parents should help children understand the importance of wearing their eyeglasses. If they are resistant because they believe glasses are un-attractive, try pointing out sports figures and other well-known people who wear glasses.

Resting the Eyes: Looking continuously, at a computer, phone or TV screen can tire the eyes and so, children should be encouraged to take a break from staring at the screen. Parents should teach them the 20/20/20 rule for computer use. After 20 minutes on the computer, they should take a break for 20 seconds and look 20 feet away to relax the eyes. 

Wearing Safety Gear: Children should be told to wear goggles or other types of protective eyewear while playing sports, using chemicals or tools for school projects, or engaging in other activities. Many eye injuries can be prevented with better safety habits. 

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