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Are Robotic Guide Dogs the Next Step in Transformative Technology for People with Vision Loss?

August 1, 2023

Robotic Guidance is Topic of New Episode of “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts”

NEW YORK (August 1, 2023) – The white cane and guide dogs are long-established tools people with vision impairment use to navigate. Researchers are now working on robotic technologies that incorporate sophisticated computer learning systems to augment the traditional white cane or replicate many of the same functions of a guide dog.

Robotic Guidance Technology is the latest episode of the Lighthouse Guild podcast, “On Tech and Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts”

We hear about a small suitcase-shaped machine called LYSA that sits on two wheels and is pushed by the user. Currently under development by Vix Labs in Brazil, it can identify obstacles and guide users to saved destinations. It’s a potential alternative for people who either do not have access to guide dogs or aren’t interested in having one. Kaio Ribeiro, one of the project’s researchers, will tell us more about it.

Dr. Cang Ye discusses how he and his team at Virginia Commonwealth are developing a robotic white cane that can provide more specific guidance than the traditional version. It allows users to identify obstacles and navigate around them using a roller ball tip at its base.

Can robotic guide dogs ever fully replace living guide dogs? Thomas Panek, president and CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, provides his perspective on this fascinating subject as we explore the challenges and opportunities of robotic guidance technology.

Now in its third season, “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts” explores the big ideas that are making life better for people with vision loss. Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, President & CEO of Lighthouse Guild and podcast host, interviews innovators and experts who are breaking barriers with transformative technologies. The podcast has over 13,000 downloads since it launched in 2020.

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