Free Tele-Support Group for Young Adults with Vision Loss


September 29, 2021

Who: Adults 20-34 years of age with vision impairment

When: Alternate Wednesdays • 8pm EDT

Where: Online/Phone – register at or call 212-769-6318. After completing your registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to dial-in or log-in.

Millennials have not had it easy. Trying to launch careers during recessions.
Starting families while still overwhelmed by their student loans. Struggling
to make ends meet. And when you’re a millennial with vision loss, the
challenges can be even more daunting. Lighthouse Guild has your back.
Our national Tele-Support Group for Young Adults between the ages of
20 to 34 is here to help you navigate these challenges.

  • Connect with others like you.
  • Learn about helpful resources and tools.
  • Develop strategies for maximizing your opportunities.

Build momentum toward your life goals: career, family, and independence.

For more information, email