Exploration of Non-traditional Careers for Men

New York, NY

November 25, 2019

On  Monday, November 25, 2019,  Lighthouse Guild, worked with one of our partners, The Borough of Manhattan Community College ( BMCC) to host a workshop on nontraditional human services careers for men.   BMCC works with our Volunteer Resources Department to provide Human Services internship opportunities that support our direct service programs.

Four students had the opportunity to meet with four members of our staff, Jerry Rocco and Daniel Gonzalez from Manhattan GuildCare, Eddie Vega from Behavioral Health and Ed Plumacher from  Vocational Rehabilitation. Each staff member told the students about the professional journey that lead them to this position, their professional passions and the challenges with their field and advice for overcoming them. Finally, our staff provided advice to the students who were launching their human services careers.

For information about internship opportunities at Lighthouse Guild, contact the Volunteer Resources Department at 646-874-8688.

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