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Advocating for Your Child with Vision Loss

Online via Zoom

October 16, 2023 | 8:30 EST


Date: Monday, October 16, 2023

Time: 8:30-9:30pm EST

Location: Online via Zoom

Speakers: Lily Jackanin and Carmen Camacho

Advocating for services, educational or medical, can be frustrating and confusing. Learn more about tools and strategies to help you advocate for your child while developing relationships with service providers. 

About the Speakers

Carmen Lizzette Camacho, MA, LSW, brings a wealth of experience to her roles in the mental health and advocacy fields. Currently, she serves as a clinical therapist at Advocates Community Counseling in Massachusetts. Additionally, Carmen plays a vital role as a moderator for two groups sponsored by Lighthouse: one dedicated to adults with Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) and the other tailored for parents and caretakers of individuals with HPS. Carmen’s also serves on the Board of the HPS Network, a testament to her dedication to advocacy and support within the HPS community. Her academic journey led her to graduate from SUNY Binghamton with a Master of Arts degree in psychology. For over 30 years, Carmen has actively contributed to mental health, social services, crisis intervention, and medical advocacy. Her expertise encompasses both chronic mental and physical illness, making her a valuable resource for individuals and families facing complex health challenges. Carmen’s involvement as a member of the HPS network leadership team highlights her role as a compassionate ally for those diagnosed with HPS and their loved ones. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband and sons.

Lilly Jackanin, LCSW, is a seasoned bilingual (English and Spanish) Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and dedicated community advocate, offering her expertise to individuals residing in the New York area. Lily spent over twenty-four years at Lighthouse International as a Social Worker, where she provided a wide range of services to individuals with visual impairments. Her role encompassed psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and case coordination. She also worked closely with the staff psychiatrist, collaborating on client treatment plans and conducting periodic progress reviews. In 2010, Lilly transitioned to Jewish Guild HealthCare, where she took on the role of Group Facilitator. In this capacity, she planned and led support groups in both Spanish and English for parents of children with disabilities. Her commitment extended to advocacy services for students, particularly in matters pertaining to their Individual Education Plans. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Hunter College, specializing in Political Science and Sociology. Later, she pursued her Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree at Fordham University, with a primary focus on Clinical Intervention. Presently, Lilly is an integral part of Catholic Charities, where she provides individual counseling services to Consumers facing vision loss. She continues her advocacy and support work by facilitating a group for immigrants dealing with visual impairment and other disabilities.


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