Michael Melzer is a retired businessman and a super volunteer! He always had a desire to volunteer with Lighthouse Guild and feels fortunate that his busy schedule finally opened up two years ago. Michael reads to two college students in the Reading Services program. One attends Hunter College and his other client attends CUNY Kingsborough.

Michael has always been a voracious reader and loves reading the college material that would not happen to come across his “reading path” if not for his two students. Not only does he read to his clients, but he has also become quite adept at Descriptive Video. Michael has become quite proficient at explaining what is happening onscreen when his clients need assistance with video assignments.

Michael enthusiastically looks forward to his sessions with his “students,” as he refers to them. He is enjoying his time and loves the material (especially the metaphysics of religion and poetry). Still, he is glad that he does not have to be concerned about getting a good grade on the material he has read!

Michael Melzer certainly is not bored being retired, and Lighthouse Guild is extremely grateful that Michael has decided to give so much time to their clients.

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